Bikeability- 6th/7th Feb

We have been thrilled to team up with Essex Road Safety team, supporting some children from Owls to safely cycle on the roads. They put all of their theory into practice and cycled into Tiptree.
Written by Ettie and Thomas- We started off practising how to ride at a steady speed in the carpark and it was fun. Then we practised giving cars the right of way and always looking to see if it was safe to go. We used cones to mark the minor and major roads. After that, we went into Messing village and practised making U turns on a major road with cars driving past. We created a ‘wave army’ where we counted the number of waves over the two days. In total we got 116 (this included dogs wagging their tails). Cycling into Tiptree on Tuesday was fun, but it was also a little nerve wracking. This was to practise trickier skills including our primary and secondary positions.