Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week- 8th Feb

‘Making Connections’ has been the theme of Children’s Mental Health Awareness and we have been exploring this in school through assembly and in class. The idea that together, we can feel and achieve so much more as well as act as a support network to others. We have been thinking about how we make connections, who with, and how this has a positive impact on all of our mental health.

Taking this forwards, the children have been challenged to carry out random acts of kindness, celebrating and creating connections to those around them. This could be as small as waving and saying good morning to somebody, holding open a door, litter picking, drawing a picture or writing a positive note.
As adults, this is something that we can actively engage in too. My thanks go to Ms Gooday who bought me a beautiful bunch of daffodils for my office this week.

On Wednesday 8th February we were fortunate enough to have a visit from the author, Amelia Allen and illustrator, Aubany Swinney who together, created the story Busy Bee. With thanks to New Hall School, we were able to gift each family a copy of the story which follows Busy on her journey of self-discovery. Following an assembly, children in Kingfishers and Robins also had a workshop session with Amelia and Aubany.